Product Review | Kids Knit Beanie & Scarf Set

I've had quite a few opportunities to test some fantastic products over the past few years.  Some are incredible.  Some are complete duds.  And some are great products that are awesome on their own, but just didn't work for me.  This product is not a complete dud.  However, it just didn't quite work for us.  Not yet at least.

This product was the very cute Kids Knit Beanie & Scarf Set.

I applied for the privilege to product test this set as it was marketed as a unisex Children's set.  Had I paid better attention, I would have seen that all three of the colors shown and sold had this applique on it. There's nothing really wrong with the applique, but at Beckett's age it's not always easy to tell if a baby is a boy or a girl.  No one likes complimenting someone on their precious baby girl and then being told it's actually a boy.  (I know, I did this to a couple in church a few months ago.  The beautiful child's daddy was NOT impressed with my snafu.  But this is what happens when you dress your child in non-gender specific clothes.)

So when I got this set and saw the applique, I decided that for everyone's sake, it had to go.  But man, they really put that thing on there!  Which is good because that means that no teething tot is going to be able to chew or pull it off and choke on it.  There's VERY little chance of that happening with that set.  It was SECURE.

So after a lot of effort, I finally got the design off and started chasing Beckett around the house trying to get pictures of him in it.  For weeks I did this.  And for weeks I got the same response.

If he could talk, he would be saying "GET THIS THING OFF OF ME!"

So here are my thoughts on this set.

It's cute.  Really cute.  And it's really well made.  Quality, to me, is not an issue with this set.

I had no clue what style of a hat I was getting based on the pictures, though.  I'm not a trendsetter with the floppy knit hats so I have absolutely no idea how to put this hat on my kid, as you can tell by the pictures.  Fortunately, my kid is cute in everything.  (I'm a mom, my job is to gush.)

This scarf is really a bit big for a kiddo Beckett's size.  And he was really not interested in wearing the hat either (even though he tolerates other hats reasonably well).

I think that in time this set will work better for us.  And by then maybe I'll know better how to style it (fortunately for me, I have a sister who is a little more "with the times", I bet she can help me out).  When Beckett's toddling around in his first (or second) snow, this will be a great set to have.

Rating this set, I give it a four out of five stars—docking it one star mostly because (to me) it's not a unisex set and because the pictures don't clearly show the customer the style of the hat that they're buying.

*I received this product at a free or reduced price in exchange for a honest review.*

Product Review | AleHorn Tankard

I recently had the opportunity to test a truly one-of-a-kind product when I received a unique Tankard Drinking Horn courtesy for AleHorn.

This horn is such a neat and interesting piece and it looks incredible when you see it in person. It's formed of 100% natural horn.

Since this was right down his alley, I let The Husband test this product out. He loved it from the get-go. I'm pretty sure that he was transported in time each time he held it in his hand. The quality of the horn lends itself to making you feel it's from another time and another place.

I especially love the touch of the brand name on the bottom of the cup. This would have been an awesome and unique gift idea for The Husband for Christmas.  If you want to check out this product, click over to their website and you can learn more about this one-of-a-kind, beautiful product.

*I received this product for free to test and provide my fair, honest, and unbiased opinion.*

Merry Christmas from us Crazy Cats!

Starting off the Christmas Season with some merry wishes from those crazy cats: Jason, Ashley, Ty & Beckett.

A Trekkie Christmas | Make it So

We have a new favorite Christmas Carol at our house now. Even The Husband in all his Scrooge-ness had to smile in merriment as we watched this video below.

Wakey Wakey

I recently had the opportunity to test out a sample of Nature Cups, a 100% recyclable k-cup for our Keurig 2.0 Coffee Machine.  As a coffee lover and a mother to a teething 8-month old, this was the perfect product for me to test out, so I was excited to give it a try!

I received the Wakey Wakey Coffee Blend from Nature Cups at no charge in exchange for a honest review.  And a honest review I will give.  You know me, I'm not afraid to express opinions.  But I only have good opinions to give on this one.

The Wakey Wakey coffee blend is indeed the bold, flavorful brew that it is boasted to be.  The aroma and taste of the coffee reminded me very much of a nice, smooth French Roast; they were perfect for a crisp fall morning.

The cups are easy to recycle and they worked with my Keurig 2.0 without issue, which was a concern that I initially had.

If you like a bold blend, this is a great flavor to try and the product itself helps to reduce your footprint on the environment. Give it a try!

I received the Wakey Wakey Coffee Blend from Nature Cups at no charge in exchange for a honest review.

A Holiday Spectacle

I love Christmas.  I love the music, the spirit, the lights, the decorations.  Christmas just makes my heart feel full and happy.

I would have my house decked out for Christmas right now if I wasn't married to Ebeneezer Scrooge.

While shopping recently I came upon a really cool product called Holiday Specs 3D Glasses and though I was so very tempted to to grab them all up, I resisted (knowing I would need to spend that money on Christmas Presents instead).

Less than two weeks later I was given the opportunity to product test those VERY items!  And I can't wait to use them through the holiday season, too!

In exchange for a fair and honest review, I received an assortment of paper 3D glasses, a set of plastic frames, and a string of multi-colored Christmas lights to test them with.

When you look at Christmas Lights (or any bright light) through these 3D glasses, it changes the shape of the light.  We viewed reindeer, elves, snowman, stars, angels and a variety of other Holiday Themed objects.  These are especially great for the kiddos!

My 10 year old (who's at the age where he has to pretend like anything his parents like is completely lame) had to try on each of the glasses.  I put the plastic frames on my 8 month old and raised them up and down so he could see the normal lights and then the reindeer lights.

I've tried on all ten of the designs offered, and while they're each cute and fun I think my favorites are the Christmas Stars, the Reindeer, and the Gingerbread Men.  I did my best to take a picture of how some of them appear through the glasses.  I'm not fancy enough to be able to shoot them well with my regular camera, so these were just shot with my iPhone which will explain the image quality.  

I think these are such a fun idea, I can't wait to use them when everyone has their homes decorated for the holidays this year!

If you're interested in trying these Holiday Specs, head over to and pick out your favorite design today!  And check out their other products, too!  They have a variety that includes Firework Glasses, Eclipse Viewers, and Wild Eyes Animal Glasses.

*I received this product free of charge in exchange for a fair and honest review.  I received no compensation for this review (aside from the product itself).*

The Basic Package

It's almost 4 AM.  I need someone to call Samuel L. Jackson and have him come read a very particular (albeit an inappropriate) book to my eight month old.

What's the problem?

Apparently he thinks Mama's nighttime services run like a day-spa where he can choose from a menu selection and I have to perform to his whim.

And he wants the Platinum Plus package where I have to stand with feet spread shoulders width apart and pivot at the waist (absolutely NO rocking or bouncing is allowed) while patting his bottom in 6/8 time at a moderate tempo and allowing him to slap me in the face so that he can keep himself awake.  And no putting him back in the crib. With the Platinum Plus package you're not allowed to lay him down, you must continue on for either the entirety of the night or until he decides he's tired of being held.  You'll know this by the board-straight plank he'll do as he shrieks at you.

You want the Platinum Plus package, kid?  Fork over a few weeks of uninterrupted sleep to work off the sleep debt you've created and I'll give you the Platinum Plus package with a contented smile.

Otherwise you get the Basic Package which consists of me sitting in the rocker holding you and giving you an occasional pat on the bottom as needed.  No face slapping, no shrieking, and no planking because the service is unacceptable.  Oh and once you're back to sleep, you sleep in the crib and not on me.

There's a phrase your brother brought home when he was younger:
"You get what you get and you don't throw a fit."

Learn it.  You'll be hearing it a lot while you live with me.