Honest Scrap: 10 Honest Things

Wow! So Momma Sunshine has tagged me with The Honest Scrap award!! (Awesome! Thank you!!)
The Honest Scrap award is given by other bloggers who consider a blog’s content or design to be brilliant. The awardee must then post ten honest things about themselves and pass the award on to other bloggers who fit the bill – in other words, whose blog is brilliant.
Let's see if I can keep my fingers on the keyboard with this big head floating around the office!! (To be honest, I did kinda 'squee' when I saw the word brilliant in there cause I always proudly claim to be 'brilliant' and now I have someone backing up my claims! ha ha!)

So, what I'm supposed to do is share ten honest things about me and then tag some other Brilliant Bloggers to participate as well!

That should be easy enough, right?

Let's give it a go!
  1. .............
Hmm......wow, not as easy as it seems.
  1. I lost a close cousin to suicide in 2003. Suicide is the hardest death to survive, in my book. Every milestone I reach, every new birthday I have, now has a cloud cast over it because I know he'll never get to experience the same thing.
  2. I love, love, LOVE to sing. And if I'm not singing, I'm whistling. I'm told I whistle like a man, but I never knew that men and women whistle differently.
  3. The fact that I ever got pregnant, to this day, amazes me. I mean, yeah, I know how I got pregnant. But the fact that I got pregnant on the 4th day of my cycle (well before ovulation should have occurred...) using protection still puts a giant question mark over my head. There's no doubt in my mind that Ty was meant to be because he defied all sorts of science and technology to get here.
  4. I dreamed I was in a smoke-filled New York City the night of September 10, 2001. I had been to NYC that May and in July I told some of my friends that I woke up one morning with this thought in my head that there was going to be a plane crash and it was going to be detrimental. But since I wasn't planning any trips, nor were any friends or family, I put it out of my head.
    On the night of September 10th, I dreamed that me and my nuclear and extended family were all in NYC together. I was looking for my aunt and a cousin who got separated from us and suddenly it got dark and smoky and I kept coughing and couldn't breathe, but didn't know what happened.
    Needless to say, the next morning when the towers collapsed I had a bit of a freak-out. After hearing about the initial plane crash from my Trig Professor I wrote out my thoughts that this wasn't accidental and that I was afraid there would be 4 more before it was all over with. I still don't understand where I got these thoughts and feelings from that day.
  5. My faith in God is solid. I grew up in a Christian home and a Christian family and all my life I've been shown and been able to see God in everything. I've grown up noticing how God takes bad things and painful things and later turns them into blessings that you're glad for and that make you stronger. I have a hard time relating to others whose faith is shaky or who don't believe because I don't understand how you can not see God's presence and His hand in everything that happens to us and around us.
  6. I'm pretty old fashioned when it comes to guys. I think the guy should ask the girl out, I think that he should make the first move, and I think that a girl shouldn't call a guy regularly until they're actually dating or in a relationship.
  7. My dreams are extremely vivid. If I get injured in a dream (which is regularly, since I'm not the epitome of grace in real life) I can feel every part of the injury as if it really is real, even down to the stitches and the dressing of the wound. The same can be said for good dreams, too, especially dreams involving kissing. ::wink::
  8. I love writing. I know that I have a book in me somewhere and my mom has told me for years that me, my dad, and my sister could all write a book. I sit down from time to time to try to write one, but I never can. I would write an autobiography someday but I don't think people would read it and I wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, which would happen if I forced myself to be completely honest.
    My goal with this blog, actually, is to hopefully be able to make a living on my writing someday. I hope to build up a big enough audience to attract the eye of advertisers or publishers or whatever, and someday--if I get the opportunity--I'd like to be able to work from home doing something I love, while still being able to fully provide for my little family.
  9. I love seven-dollar words. My favorite book in Middle School was my Roget's College Thesarus. Education has always been a very important thing to me and I've always used big words and never really realized it until the past year or two when I've had numerous comments that I don't talk like normal people do because I use words and phrases that most people don't. I imagine I probably sound a little funny, sometimes, because I use the big words and all, but I have an extremely country "twang" from time-to-time, too.
  10. I've been collecting quotes, verse, and words of wisdom since 1993. My collection has gone from loose-leaf paper, to several hard-back journals, to a database I built to store them. At the moment I have over 1600 quotes, but I only keep the ones that speak directly to me or that I think I'll need at some point down the road. When I get in a rut or get down, I get the quotes out and it's always neat how the ones that didn't speak to me before will be the ones that touch me the deepest at that time.
So, that's ten.

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