True Blood vs Twilight

Okay, so my sister loaned me a book, Dead Until Dark, the book that the HBO series True Blood is based on. Which really is a good book. It just makes me feel like I was a sucker for the Twilight series. I mean, yeah, Stephenie Meyer did a better job, to me, in making the whole Twilight series seem more believable because she put so much detail in the books that pulled everything together in an almost believable way.

But after reading this book, I can't help but wonder if Stephenie had her Twilight dream that spawned the books after reading this very book itself.

I feel jilted. I feel like I just learned there is no Santa. And that Prince Charming only exists in Disney Movies.

There are so many similarities, it's like Twilight just took the Dead Until Dark book, changed up a few things and adjusted the plot line. The primary difference is that Dead Until Dark stuck with the traditional roles and legends of vampires, Stephenie Meyer creatively invented a believable modernized vampire for Twilight.

Dead Until Dark: Bill's skin glows to Sookie and in some lights.
Twilight: Edward sparkles in sunlight.

Dead Until Dark: Sookie is telepathic.
Twilight: Edward is telepathic.

Dead Until Dark: The only person whose mind Sookie can't read is Bill, and she finds this refreshing.
Twilight: The only person whose mind Edward can't read is Bella's and he finds this intriguing.

Dead Until Dark: Sookie's boss, Sam, is a shape-shifter that takes the form of a dog (Collie).
Twilight: Bella's best friend, Jacob, is a shape-shifter that takes the form of a werewolf.

Dead Until Dark: Sookie's boss, Sam, is in love with Sookie yet missed his chance as she loves Bill, her vampire more, even though she is attracted to Sam.
Twilight: Bella's best friend, Jacob, is in love with Bella, yet missed his chance as she loves Edward, her vampire, more. Even though she still has some feelings for Jacob.

Dead Until Dark: Eric, one of the top vampires, is intrigued by Sookie's powers to mind read.
Twilight: Aro, one of the top vampires, was intrigued by Bella's ability to close her mind to mind readers.

Dead Until Dark: Bill was 'mainstreaming' and living among humans.
Twilight: The Cullens were living among humans.

Dead Until Dark: Bill must rest underground at night because the sun will kill him.
Twilight: Edward can't go out in the sun because he'll dazzle people with his sparkles.

Dead Until Dark: Bill separated himself from other vampires.
Twilight: Edward lived in a coven of multiple vampires.

Dead Until Dark: Sookie lives in a small town, Bon Temps, in North Lousiana.
Twilight: Bella lives in a small town, Forks, in western Washington.

Dead Until Dark: Vampires were open about their state of being and were known by humans as vampires.
Twilight: Vampires blended in and lived as humans, concealing their true state of being.

There are more that I was thinking about earlier, but it's late and I'm tired. Besides, I have Living Dead in Dallas (the 2nd book in the Southern Vampire Mysteries) to read on.
For all Twilight fans out there, I'm not knocking it. I've read all 4 books twice and plan to re-read them a 3rd time if my Eclipse book ever finds its way back into my possession. I just feel like the Twilight books lost a little wind from their sails with me because of all these coincidental similarities. I'm only starting the 2nd book of the Southern Vampire Mysteries series, but so far both series are wonderful and entertaining. However, I would not recommend the Southern Vampire Mysteries as reading material for hormonal pre-teens or teenagers. Teenage pregnancy rates are too high without them reading some of the encounters between Sookie and her vampire.

[insert cold shower here]

Alright. Any of you read both series? How do you feel they compare? Do you see the similarities I'm talking about or do you think I'm just seeing it because I'm reading the one series with the other in mind? I'm interested in some other points of view on this!

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