My MeMe Award

Yay!! My first MeMe!!! Thanks so much to Kathleen at If I Wasn't Smiling, I'd be Crying!!!!

To accept this award, I'm supposed to list seven traits about myself. Then I'm supposed to pass the award on to seven other blogs who deserve recognition for the personalities they share with the blogosphere!! things about me.
  1. I would love to be a helicopter pilot. I've wanted to pilot a whirly since I was about 12 years old. If I had the money, I'd absolutely buy a little 2-seater gyro or something and set up my own helopad in the back yard!! Anytime the Game & Fish or State Police or even the Life Flight helicopters come through town my heart skips a beat (seriously) whenever I hear the blades beating the air. It just gives me an adrenaline rush and makes me want to be in the air in them, too!
  2. is one of my very favorite websites. It's inspiring me to be a better, happier, and more giving person. My goal now is to try to brighten as many days as I can. All because I subscribed to the feed on this site.
  3. I willingly let my son sleep in my bed with me because I know that if I ever have another child, I'll never get the chance to share this special time with them as I currently can with Ty. It's my favorite time of day because no matter how rough the day had been or no matter what moods we'd been in through the day, when we crawl into bed he instantly demands snuggle time with Mama and it makes everything else melt away.
  4. I give blood. My dad has been a faithful blood donor for as long as I can remember and it's such a selfless, honorable thing that I've always admired about him, so now that I'm old enough and weigh enough (more than enough now) I try to give blood every opportunity that I can. On the same note, I tend to think more highly of people who are blood or organ donors (unless they medically are unable to).
  5. I can typically tell when I'm about to get sick, bad sick, because a day or two beforehand I get cravings to sit in a very hot shower or bath while eating as much crushed ice as I can. You'd think I'd start popping Vitamin C right then, but I always just think "eh, it's a craving" until I wake up feeling like the holder of the crummy end of the stick and realize it was more than a craving.
  6. I was screened for scoliosis in 7th grade by the school nurse, just as a regular screening they did each year. The very next day I went to the doctor for respiratory problems and an x-ray showed that the nurse completely missed the fact that I had not only one, but two curves in my spine. They were both mild enough that the only real effect it's had on me is that I'm about an inch shorter than I would otherwise be (Thank goodness! I want to be about 2 inches shorter, not an inch taller!!) and that my lung capacity isn't exactly what it would otherwise be, but since I'm constantly singing and played the flute in high school, I have awesome lung power anyway.
  7. One of my best friends is a prisoner at the jail I work at. I've always lived by the rule that the inmates are inmates for a reason and shouldn't be trusted. And that has proven true more than it's proven false, but there's one inmate that has continually proven himself trustworthy even when coworkers and "free-world" people haven't. Others around here sometimes think we have a thing for each other because we're close friends. I just think that we were siblings in another life.
So those are the seven things about me!!! narrow down my reading list to only seven bloggers....Okay. Got it.
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