Back in the Saddle

I cannot seem to get back into the swing of things as far as anything is concerned.

My yard is dangerously close to knee-high, my sink is full of dishes waiting on my (full) dishwasher to be unloaded and then re-loaded. My luggage is still in my living room waiting to be carried out to the storage building, and that's just all things home. And only a few of them at that.

What has happened to my mojo?

Oh, and have I mentioned that my boy starts school in two weeks?

Pre-K, but still.

I'm not ready.

Well, I mean, I am because I have these great illusions of how wonderful it will be to have a scheduled routine and such like that in our lives and then I come back down to earth and realize that if we don't have scheduled routine as it is, it's probably not going to happen.

But it's a lovely dream.

And speaking of dreams.

Here's a weird one for you (yes, this blog is all over the place, I told you I've lost my mojo!).

So I dreamed last night that an ex got a girl pregnant and they had an itsy bitsy teeny baby girl and she was ohsocuteandsweetandpreciousandIcouldhavejusteatenherup!

The weird part?

Oh, the ex decided that he wanted me to raise the baby. And his family and my family were okay with it and they all thought that I could just raise the girl (whose birth mother apparently didn't have a say in the situation or didn't care one) and I could just tell the little girl when she was old enough that she wasn't really my child.

And for some reason I was okay with it in the dream because it was a baby and it was a little girl and it's not looking like I'll get to have another one of my own anytime soon.

So I was getting into the swing of the whole no-sleep all the while trying to figure out how I was going to explain this to Ty.

Thank goodness I don't get into half the trouble in real life that I manage to get myself into in dreams!

Okay, I better get some work done.

If you happen to find my mojo laying around anywhere, let a girl know?
Ashley Wife & Mom

Ashley is a thirty-something wife and mother of two boys. She enjoys spending time with her family, as well as reading and decorating their home. Her blogging adventures began in 2006 as a single mother and have carried on through marriage and a new life with a husband, a ten-year-old, and an infant.