Changes to come....

I got something yesterday...


And I got a deal on it!

Which means I'll be getting rid of my previous modes of video recording.

My Panasonic camcorder and the Kodak Easy Share I used before I got my rebel.

Both have been good to me over the years but memories only happen once, and some memories I want to post to the web. So my new Canon gives me an infinitely better resolution and clarity than my Easy Share point-and-shoot gave me (hey, it wasn't intended as a video camera, so I can't knock it too bad!) but it's also easier to get onto the computer than my camcorder. I know there's a way to get the video onto the computer.....I just never figured it out.

But with my new, pretty little toy, it'll be easy peasy!

Which means you, my lovelies, will get to hear the southern-twang of my accent and the all-too-cuteness of my boy!

I'm sooo looking forward to using this puppy!
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