Getting in on the Girl Talk

So, over at, the talk today is about "The List".

That List...

You know....

The Celebrity list.

Ahh, yes. I can tell by your smile and the sudden far-off and wistful look on your face that you not only know what list I'm talking about, but you're mentally scrolling through the faces on your own list.

Some of the participating blogs I've read have some wonderful, beautiful men adorning their pages today.

But they're not all my cup of tea.

Here's my particular brand below....

James Scott captivates my every weakness. He's tall, has an English accent and his smile is absolutely stunning!! And he's absolutely handsome whether in a suit and tie or a t-shirt and baseball cap!

Ryan Gosling stole my heart when I was starting high school and I saw him for the first time as the annoying guy on Breaker High. And then again as I finished high school when Remember the Titans came out. And then we know every almost every girl's heart melted for him in The Notebook in 2004. Mine was no exception....especially when--after receiving an award for Best Kiss--his only statement was "It was my pleasure."

Josh Lucas never even made a bleep on my radar until Sweet Home Alabama. But when he did, he did! I adored that outdoorsy, rugged look that mixed a little bit of country-boy and a whole lot of Southern charm!


Patrick Dempsey....Thank God for Grey's Anatomy or it might have taken me an extra year or two to realize that Mr. Dempsey is not the awkward-looking teenager he once was! I'm frequently taken in by his often-crooked smile and blue eyes!

James McAvoy. I never expected him to even cross my mind because I have this certain height preference that doesn't often allow for men under 6 foot tall, and even rarer that a man shorter than me to enter my dream-center. But he kinda stole my heart in Penelope. And he doesn't look too bad as a Jane Austen character either!


Almost on the list.....but not quite.....

Matthew McConaughey missed the cut for two reasons...#1, He's a Texas Longhorns fan and the only thing worse than a Texas Longhorns fan is a LSU Tigers fan. Justsayin.

**cough BOOMER SOONERS cough**

Oh, and I hear he has this au naturale thing going where he doesn't wear deodorant....not sure how I could feel about that....

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