My gullible little boy

This week is Spirit Week in our schools as everyone gets ready for the homecoming game that will take place on Friday night.

As a tradition for Spirit Week, each day has a different theme.

Monday was sports themed, Tuesday was Crazy Hair/Clothes, yesterday was camo, and today is dress like a nerd day.

Ty has only been willing to participate yesterday because I really didn't leave him a choice, just snuck his camo pants into the stack of clothes for him to put on.

Today I knew I'd have to be more creative. Though I knew I wouldn't be able to get away with taped glasses and his shirt had no pocket for a home-made pocket protector and pens.

So we went with dress pants, a button up shirt, tie, parted and slicked-down hair, and tennis shoes. Because nerds need good footwear in case they have to flee from bullies.

How cute is my little Peter Parker?

That's how I got him to buy into this business. I told him the school wanted him to dress like Peter Parker.

Put it in terms of a super-hero and the boy took it hook, line, and sinker.
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