We are the Champions

We had our final soccer game last night.
Of the three, total, that weren't rained out.
One of which he cried all through and didn't play.
The other one he missed due to tonsillitis.
So I hyped him all up and told him that all he had to do was go out there and run and try to kick the ball and he'd get a TROPHY!!
AND that if he played and didn't cry, Mystery Man promised to come see us this week and bring his new Transformers movie for us to watch!
So he went and he did just that!!
He asked me to walk him out there, so I did, I took him by the hand and then retreated to the sidelines to take pictures and for a second when everyone took off after the ball but him, I thought we were going to have a repeat of the last time. But then he took off and was all smiles from that point on out!!
It was after the sun had gone down, so the pictures are all kinda dark and grainy, but you get the idea!

Before the Game

He's the orange shirt at the right.

Getting their trophies (for participation).

He was SO tickled with and proud of his trophy!!

And Mama was just as proud for him, too!
And now for videos. Ty's in the orange #3 shirt with the black shorts and socks (kinda looks like he just has on black long pants)

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