Counting Down

The hardest part about Christmas, for me, was always the wait.

When I was little I never quite knew exactly how long it was until Christmas....just that it couldn't get here fast enough.

So I wanted to do something for Ty so he could physically see how long was left until Christmas, and hopefully stifle the multi-times-daily question of "How many days till Christmas".

So this is what I did yesterday.

Almost too late. But not quite.

So I pulled up Fireworks (since I'm too poor for Photoshop!) and designed something similar to a C9 Christmas light bulb and numbered them in varying colors.

After printing twenty-five light bulbs it was time to start cutting.

And cutting and cutting and cutting.

At one point I wanted to just chunk it because my fingers were falling off, but Ty was sitting there with this cute little look of anticipation on his face.

And pretending to snap pictures of me while I worked.

After cutting out the light bulbs, I wrote different things on the back of each bulb that we'll do on that day when we take the bulb off the string.

Such as:

Drink hot chocolate with marshmallows
Read the Christmas Story
Watch a movie together
Wear mittens and gloves (He loves wearing his winter-gear around the house)
Make Christmas Cards
Make popcorn garland for the birds
Make Christmas cookies
Paint, color, or draw together

Just fun little things that we can do together.

After that was done he handed me each bulb and we taped them to the string.

He was so proud and spent the rest of the evening counting all twenty-five light bulbs!
Ashley Wife & Mom

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