The Damage is Done

I took some pictures of my car yesterday on my way out of town to get a rental.

We pulled in to get my proof of insurance out of my car and noticed that the passenger side front tire is bent as well, though it looks very slight, compared to the driver's side tire.

The damage doesn't really look that bad, when I got out initially (at the wreck) I was relieved that the damage wasn't very bad....until the officer pointed out the front tire was all kinds of bent.

So we'll have to replace struts and all those men-terms that the mechanic threw around.

With the other tire being bent Daddy tossed out the fact that the frame might have been bent some, but I'm not going to worry about it.

I can't change it, so I'll just deal with whatever it is that they tell me we need to fix.

In the meantime, I'm driving around a pearl white Santa Fe.

I was worried that since Insurance would only pay $40 a day towards a rental that Jason, Ty, and I would end up traveling to Oklahoma in a compact car with our limbs all intertwined in a not-fun-at-all kind of way.

But Farm Bureau took care of me and negotiated a rate with Enterprise so that I could have a vehicle comparable to the size of what I drive.  They ended up paying more like $50 a day (after the 19% tax was figured in) so I REALLY appreciated them doing this, it totally melted all my worries about the rental situation.  Because, believe me, I worried about it!

But in the meantime, here are some pictures of my dirty car (that I almost washed on Friday!  Wish I'd washed it now!)

Looking down the driver's side of my vehicle at the bent front tire.

It's kinda hard to see in pictures that it's bent in at the top and not just turned to the right.

The damage started on the front bumper below my headlight and extends back below my mirror on my door.

Looking down the passenger side of the vehicle at the front tire, which is bent as well.

The front passenger side tire was bent, also.
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