Down memory lane

My sister sent a bag of pictures home with me this past weekend. She had gone through her pictures and found a bunch of them of me or that I might want.

Jason found them on my kitchen counter this past weekend and started going through them, laughing and smiling at all the crazy old memories in the bag, so we both sat down together and looked through them. I supplemented some stories or names or places, and as I went through I set some aside to share both on here and on Facebook.

Let's start with the oldest ones and take a trip all the way back to the 80's and early 90's.

Walking Like an Egyptian
Myself, my Papa and my cousin Lisa at Papa's 70th birthday party.
Myself (middle) and my cousin Lisa (right) with another Oklahoma friend at the bottom of a chatpile in my hometown of Picher, Oklahoma.
Lisa and I with her dog.
Myself and some neighbor boys with a snow serpent!
And us again with an igloo!
That's me front and center with the flute, looking to my left.  (Odd, I never saw myself as THAT skinny until now!)
Myself (left) and my sister (right) crammed into a phone booth with some friends.
Striking a pose (center) with some friends.
My brother-in-law and I on his and my sister's wedding day.
Myself, my baby cousin, and my sister.
My how I miss these days!!
My dad had (and still has) the boy every chance he gets!
Me and my boy!
Ty and Poppy.
"Grandma Real" and Ty, both about to get a nap, it looks!
"Grandma Real" with Ty, again.
Me and Ty at the photo shoot for his 1st birthday.
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