Happily Ever Now

My boy and I just had one of the best weekends of our lives.

With Our Jason.

We have to share him or fights tend to erupt between the two of us and instead of acting like Mama and Son, we just act like a couple of four-year-olds.

So he's Our Jason.

We spent the weekend with Our Jason doing all sorts of fun things like eating pizza, playing catch, playing Mario Brothers on the Wii, snuggling, and walking through downtown Hot Springs and going up the mountain where rocks had to be climbed and the hunt for the right stick took place.

Oh, and a water-fight with a fountain.

And ice cream.

And smiles and pictures and laughs.

And it was wonderful.

Me and The Boy are both still smiles and all talk about how much fun we had at Our Jason's this weekend.

Last night, on the drive home Ty told me that he wanted Jason's House to be Our House, too.

And tonight, he asked me, "Mama, do you know what my favorite night is?  My favorite night is when we stay the night at Jason's.  And he told me I could come back, he told me 'You can come back and stay any time you want to'."

I think Mama's not the only one in love.

My boys playing catch.

Ty pausing for a picture on the mountain.

King of the Mountain (and our hearts)

Ty and Jason looking out over Hot Springs
 Adventures with a water fountain

Ty in Hot Springs

Bath House Row.  I just loved the colors so I had to take the picture.

And my little boy showing some "boy love" to my big boy.
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