The Good, the Bad, the Grumpy

Otherwise accurately titled "PMS Much?"

Take your pick.

As for the post?  It's a bulleted entry.

Starting with things that irritate me today:

  • I called our phone company on April 29th to come make some changes to our phone network here.  I was under the impression they would be out that day but when Monday came and they weren't, I emailed my contact and he gave me the impression it was a matter of Days so I figured it would be resolved by that week, surely.  It's still unresolved and we're just getting the "We're busy" line.
  • I love being a mom.  I love raising my son.  I don't love raising everyone else's grown sons.
  • Pressing 1 for English.  Don't get me started.
  • Being broke.  I need to find an extra source of income for the summer when Ty's out of school and Daycare costs me $100-$125 more a month than I'm currently paying and my other bills don't seem to be getting any lower, either.
  • My messy house.  I'm so enjoying watching Ty play T-Ball (and I love that Jason and his brother will get out in the yard and help Ty), but I want my life back.  I want my time back.  I want to have time to clean my table off so we can sit down for a meal.  I want to be able to do my laundry and put it all away.  I want to be able to mow my yard and sweep off my carport and back patio.  I want to be able to sit down with a book in the back yard and watch Ty play in his little inflatable swimming pool.
  • The fact that I've had a headache 7 out of the last 9 days.  I'm at the "what gives" point.
  • The fact that my boy keeps complaining of a sore throat because his tonsils seem to be permanently stuck in Hyde form and I can't insta-fix it for him.  (Just called the Dr's office for a referral to an ENT, so hopefully that one can be taken care of at some point this summer, but it does add a little more to the whole being broke category). 
  • My satellite receiver had a brain fart and didn't record the Season Finale of Desperate Housewives last night.  And since I "make" Jason watch it with me, it's going to be a while before he and I get the chance to sit down together and watch it online.
What I'm trying to focus on instead:
  • How well my boy did yesterday while swimming from the shallow end to the ladder in the deep end without floaties.  (Seriously, it was an extremely proud moment for Mama!)
  • How great of a time Ty and I had with Jason and his brother yesterday.  And how awesome they both were in helping my boy with his T-Ball skills.
  • How excited Ty's going to be when I actually get the chance to mow the yard and put up his little inflatable swimming pool.
  • I'm most likely driving to see Jason this weekend instead of him driving here for about the 1500th week in a row.  'Most likely' because we do have a few potential hiccups that might send us elsewhere for the weekend, but I'm kinda excited about getting out of town for a day.
  • I get paid this week.  (Trying not to focus on the fact that it's all basically spent with bills that are due during the next two weeks because I need to feel like there's at least a temporary reprieve.)
  • One of my girl friends is having a baby girl on Wednesday and I'm so completely excited and up-in-the-air for her and her husband as they've been such an inspiration to me over the past several years!
  • We only have two more games of T-Ball left (possibly 3) until my time is once again my own!
  • I have some cute pictures of my boy not singing in a program that he was supposed to sing in at church yesterday.  Possibly including pictures of an almost-testosterone flare-up between him and another boy that was just too funny!  Though I am glad we didn't have to pull them off the stage!
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