Happy Boy's Day

My family was explaining the concept of Mother's Day to Ty this weekend, trying to help him understand that it's the one day of the year where Mama is everything and everyone else takes a back seat for at least an hour or two of the day.

In response, Ty asked us "When's Boy's Day?"

I told him simply that there's not a boy's day.

Which of course he had to know why there wasn't a boy's day.

Jason's oh-so-truer-than-true response, "Because you get every other day of the year."

Some day Ty will understand exactly how true that statement is!

Hope all you Mamas out there had a wonderful and heart-warming Mother's Day!  My family and my boy both spoiled me and I got to spend a wonderful day with my family, including my grandma who has been down visiting us this past week so I couldn't have asked for a better Mother's Day!
Ashley Wife & Mom

Ashley is a thirty-something wife and mother of two boys. She enjoys spending time with her family, as well as reading and decorating their home. Her blogging adventures began in 2006 as a single mother and have carried on through marriage and a new life with a husband, a ten-year-old, and an infant.