I'm In Love

I've found a new clothing store that got added to my "If I Had a Million Dollars" clothing wishlist.

I'm in love with this site.

The vintage styles make me weak in the knees.

The dresses and their cute little names!

Such as Mary Queen of Spots

I can't help but feel like Hepcat Dress in Canary Yellow just stepped straight out of a black and white sitcom!

The New Vaudevillian Dress, how fun does this dress look!

And how Jackie O is the Lost in Grace Dress

and A Dress Named Desire?  Maybe that one's more June Cleaver, though....

I could get lost in their shoes, too.

The old-fashioned Bocce Heel.

The Don't Come Walking Boots

And the Plaid It's Raining Boots....Mama want.  I have this thing for mud boots and even though plaid is never really my thing....on these, it is!

I want these Lemon Meringue heels, too.

And the Legend Bootie in Blix...they're kinda similar to some shoes I already have, but they're still so cute!

I could shop on this site forever!  Well, if I had money.  But since I don't, I wishlist.  It's my version of window-shopping.

Maybe someday.

But for those of you who can shop now, go check out ModCloth.com and check out their selection of vintage and indie style clothes, jewelery, and shoes.
Ashley Wife & Mom

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