Zoo Day

I could tell the second that Ty woke up Friday morning.

He made a bigger ruckus getting out of the bed than he does on Christmas Morning.

He fumbled, stumbled, and all but fell out of the bed and then charged into the bathroom where I was getting ready and declared, "It's Zoo Day, Mama!"

I excitedly responded, "It is!!" and he took off in the living room excitedly shouting/singing, "It's zoo day!  Happy Birthday Zoo Day!"

Needless to say, Friday was zoo day.

Jason and I went to the Little Rock Zoo with Ty's Pre-K class (about 23 little kiddos), their parents and siblings, and his two sweet and wonderful teachers.

It was a perfect day of smiles and wonderment and beautiful weather.

And of course pictures.

Ty and Jason looking at the lorkeets.
The Gorilla.
Ty looking at the Gorilla (it came up a few minutes later and hit the glass!)
The prairie dogs.
Showing some love.
Farmer Jason and I.
Ty and Jason.
Ty made a loud noise and the porcupines were quick to show their quills.
Ty and Jason watching the porcupines.
A grizzly bear.
A giraffe.
Someone standing next to the sign said these were peacocks.....?

The zebra.
The rhinoceros.
The camel.
The Tiger was continually pacing around its enclosure.
The Lion was a lot more laid back!
The jaguar!
The elephant!
The crocodile had to come check us out!
One of the primates.
The warthog always looks so comical to me!
We discovered boxes of Cuervo and Brandy and realized that might be why the animals were all so calm and relaxed!
The monkey with the bad hair do!
A mama chimp and her cute little baby!
The orangutan finally came out to let us see it!
I knew these guys were big, but I had no idea HOW big!
Jason and Ty on the train!
Ty on the carousel.

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