Because I Love Her

Today's blog topic:  My sister.

For several reasons (this is all in fun, guys, don't worry!)

Yesterday her Facebook status was "I want everyone else to discover that I'm uber fantastic, fabulous and awesome. ;) It isn't fun that I'm the only one who knows this. hahahahahaha"

So I'm trying to help her out.

Isn't that nice of me!

But I can't get too serious on the topic because the whole me and Ty moving an hour away thing is kinda getting to her, so if I make her laugh instead of think then she won't end up crying on me.

So, how about a fun blog instead?

Something like "2 reasons why I shouldn't let my sister borrow my camera".

She knows where I'm going with this.

Reason #1 would be that she likes to take lots of pictures of either her and her husband, or her making kissy faces or her throwing up hand gestures (thankfully not the inappropriate type) or her making silly faces.

So whenever I pull my pictures off of my camera I have the three pictures I took of something cute Ty did and a dozen pictures that I wasn't aware someone snuck onto my camera.

It has brightened many days that way, but it also leaves me with a bunch of pictures to store that I can't put to good use.

Now I have a solution!  Which brings about reason #2, now I'll just post them!

Including her latest self-picture of her Weapons of Mass Distraction.

She might shoot me for this later, but in the meantime she's probably at least glad that I'm moving now!  Even if it's just for a second!

Love you sissy!!
Ashley Wife & Mom

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