For Better or Worse

We're literally days away from our vows.

From the day we stand in front of our families and promise 'in sickness and health, for better or worse, till death do we part'.

♪ And all that Jazz. 

Tonight, quite possibly, has changed how I feel about some of them.

The "for better or worse" particularly.

Because I think that "or worse" includes 'stupid'.

Case in point:

My stove.

My poor, sweet, melted-plastic covered stove.

"Someone" *ahem* wasn't thinking when he laid a package of tortillas on the surface of the burner that I just finished cooking sausage on.

Once he realized that the plastic package had melted onto the hot burner, he picked  it up and placed it on the burner right next to it.

Which I had just used to scramble eggs.

But I love him.

I know that I love him because instead of wanting to strangle him, I laughed and retrieved my camera instead.

And though he resisted and blocked and insisted that the pictures could ONLY be uploaded to Facebook if they were limited to only allowing my mom and sister to see them...well, he loves me too.

Which is why he cleaned all the dishes.  Put away all the food.  Took the trash out.  And is currently folding laundry.

He loves me.

And I love him.

(And I love my Dremel, too, which improved the appearance of my stove to this point with just one polishing head.  Maybe the rest will come off tomorrow after the cleaning fairy drops off another polishing head for it).

So in 5 days, when we stand together and say for better or worse, till death do we part.  He'll know that I love him and I'll know that he loves me.

And he knows I can't really get upset with him.

Not when the first words out of his mouth when I got home this afternoon was him telling me that he missed me at lunch today.

And then he followed that up with telling me how he really likes my hair today and that it just looks beautiful.

How can I be mad at a sweet man like that!
Ashley Wife & Mom

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