Staycation | Day 1

The (little) Boy and I are home for the week.

Before Husband switched banks we had this week scheduled off for all three of us to take off and Staycate together.

But a fantastic job came open at a small-town bank (here in Hot Springs) and he jumped at the chance.  Given the way his first few weeks have gone at that job, a week off was a small price to pay.  It makes me so happy to see him SO much happier (and less unnecessarily stressed!).  And he'll get a vacation this year, he just has to wait out his first 90 days.

(By the way...on an unrelated note, I have a crazy fantastic surprise lined up for him in the relatively near future and I'm busting at the seams because he's going to LOVE it.  And it will probably be a picture overload when it happens, so you'll all feel like you were right there with us....wherever "there" is.)

Anyway, back to the point of the blog.

Today is Day #1 of mine and Ty's Staycation (my first ever...I'm not one to take off and just stay home, but it fits in our budget and as pretty darn relaxing, too!).

We've been making a surprisingly short list of things we want to do together this week.  So far Ty had that he wants to go to Entergy Park and catch crawdads and he also wants to paint something sometime this week.

Easy enough.

My main hope for the week is to clean my car, inside and out.

Last night, before bed, Ty told me he wants to do science experiments today though.  We've previously done the baking soda and vinegar makes lava and the tornado in the bottle as well as a rainbow in a bottle.

So after tucking him in bed I set out to explore some science experiments for us to do.

One was cleaning pennies with vinegar and salt, which Ty thought was pretty cool.  I think he could have cleaned every penny in the house but the solution seemed to weaken after a bit (thankfully!)

Next up we started what will be a week-long process of making our own rock candy suckers.

I make a super-saturated sugar solution, dyed it blue and suspended some wooden skewers in some lager glasses.  (Glad to know we finally have a use for those things!)  That was a little less Ty-involved than I'd hoped because of the boiling liquid factor.  But he'll be excited to watch the sugar crystals materialize throughout the week.  And even more so to give them a taste and see how we did.

And then we threw together a green tornado in a jar and the kid was happy.

After that, science got interrupted by crafts when Ty went and got paper and crayons to make his own Dragon Radar like one his Daddy has (they're Dragonball Z nerds).

But Mama brought out the big guns.  (Namely the jigsaw and dremel) and cut out a disc of wood and we painted it up for him.

And then, since Ty abandoned me for Zelda on the Wii, I got a little craft-time in for myself.

With a charm bracelet.

Doesn't look like much, necessarily, but it's got pennies on it for 1982, 1985, 2005 and 2010.

My birth year.

Jason's birth year.

Ty's birth year.

And the year Jason & I got married and we became a family.

Plus it makes use of an old silver charm bracelet that hasn't been worn in 10 years.

So that's Staycation Day 1.

I think we'll spend the rest of the afternoon being less productive.  Maybe army men, play doh or a movie together.

Finally, a vacation that I won't need to take another vacation to recover from!
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