Opinions: Parenting

"Look at you!  You have a baby....in a bar!"
My heart hurts for the generations of kids who are, essentially, growing up without parents.

The kids whose parents dream of and envision a future where they can party and get drunk with their friends.

Where they can be "The Cool Parents".

The problem with this is that many times the kids with "The Cool Parents" end up being the parents that they deserved to have in the first place.

It's time to grow up parents!  You had your childhood, now let the kids have theirs!
Ashley Wife & Mom

Ashley is a thirty-something wife and mother of two boys. She enjoys spending time with her family, as well as reading and decorating their home. Her blogging adventures began in 2006 as a single mother and have carried on through marriage and a new life with a husband, a ten-year-old, and an infant.