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So I'm 16 books into The Stephanie Plum series and I can't help but notice how disappointed I am in the casting for the upcoming movie, One for the Movie.

I mean, did they even read the books or were they just given general ideas of what the characters should be?  Because, so far, no one on the cast emulates what I envision in my head.  Though, thankfully, they at least cast a Ranger sans the ponytail.

So if I were making the casting calls....this is who I would be looking at for some of the characters:

Stephanie Plum
First Choice:
Amy Adams
Yes, I know she's not brunette.  Neither is Katherine Heigle,
but Adams has the personality and acting ability to pull off
Stephanie's quirks and she makes a better brunette than Heigle.
Second Choice:
Marisa Tomei

Joseph Morelli
Gerard Butler

Joe Manganellio
ONLY if he cuts all that hair from True Blood

Josh Duhamel (too pretty though)

Jesse Williams
Ranger was the hardest for me because the books
have him at such a level of perfection and sexiness
and all the men that truly epitomized the characters
in the books were absolutely no one I would actually
want to see portraying the character.  Jesse Williams
is as close as it gets for me.


Rutina Wesley
Thinking outside the box for a second...
when I read Lula's lines in the books I
hear it in my head in Rutina Wesley's voice
a la Tara Thornton.  She's obviously not a
large sized woman, but with makeup and some
body enhancers, she has the attitude and
personality for the part!

Grandma Mazur
My first choice would be:
Estelle Getty
(Sophia from The Golden Girls)

But since she's obviously not available for the role, second runner up would go to the obvious best choice:
Betty White

Benito Ramirez
Mehcad Brooks
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