Room Redo | Super Mario Style

It is finished!!!

I just have one or two little odds and ends that I'll eventually do, but for the time being, I'm considering it d-o-n-e, DONE!

Let's go back to the before pictures:  (Am I the only person whose iPhone takes crappy pictures?  Or am I just spoiled to Canon?)

Final pictures:  (Taken with my Canon...see the difference?)

(Ignore Mario...I didn't realize he was out of order until I took and posted the picture!)

I did a green Yoshi egg (bottom of the red shelf) and an orange Yoshi egg (top of the blue shelf as well as a little star-power trinket box on his night-stand.  He was SO excited about those!

You can also see the Question Mark remote box on the blue shelf that I did a few weeks ago, too.

We still have to put posters and this Mario picture my sister did (below) up on the walls, but I'll hold off on putting everything up until I have the Mario picture in.

But his room is basically done.

I've been asked how I did everything, if I used stencils, decals, freehand, etc. so here's a quick rundown of how I did everything.

On The Wall

The bottom border of the room I measured off to a 10" height all the way around the room, using a standard ruler.  After painting the light green at the bottom, I came back around and using a piece of cardstock, I free-handed the edge of the grass in a 10" pattern that I cut out and used as a repeating stencil across the whole room.  (The picture at left is an unfinished picture, the grass at the top had a second coat of paint on it after this was taken.)

The clouds I free-handed.  Because I did the smaller cloud over the original wall-color, I was able to see it well and make sure it was symmetrical and how I wanted it drawn.  The larger cloud was much more difficult because I had a hard time seeing the pencil marks on the blue wall paint so it took a bit longer to make sure it was symmetrical.

On the vine, I used a ruler and a level to draw out the basic shape of the 8" block and rounded the corners by hand.  Then I used the ruler to draw a 3/4" vine from the top of the block all the way up the wall to the ceiling.  After that, I measured and marked off every 5" on alternating sides of the vine so I'd know where to place the leaves, which I drew by hand on card stock and again cut out to use as a stencil, flipping it based on which side of the vine I was on.  After that I measured 1/2" increments on staggered sides of the vine and added diagonal lines up the vine to tie together the two colors of green used.  I then free-handed the simple slants in black on the box to finish it off.

The brick and question-mark blocks I measured out with a ruler (at 10" square) and curved the corners off by hand.  I used a level to make sure they were straight on the wall. The question mark is free-handed, but the divided bricks were, again, done by ruler and level with rounded corners free-handed while painting (not necessarily as simple as it sounds).  Then I came back later and added the light orange shadow under the question mark and "bolts" in the corners.

Finally, we're down to the pipe and the Piranha Plant.  The pipe was measured off by ruler and level.  The plant, however, was all free-handed.  Since I didn't decide to add it until after the wall was painted I had to sketch it out over the blue paint which was--again--difficult to get symmetrical.  I painted the first coat of paint on the plant and then evened it up by painting back over the corrected areas with the blue wall paint.  (Perfection never starts out perfect!)  The teeth and dots were drawn by hand, but again I used the ruler for the stripe down the side of the pipe.


I couldn't resist picking up a few small things here or there to add some more Mario to the room.  

I started with the Yoshi eggs, which I only spent $1.59 (ea) on at Hobby Lobby.  They actually were supposed to have been 30% off, but I didn't have the time to fuss about 96¢ when I would have paid $1.59 for them anyway.  Especially since Yoshi just happens to be Ty's very favorite.

A few weeks ago (while just toying with the idea of a Mario room redo) I had the idea to make a remote box.  I bought an unfinished wooden tissue box from Michael's for $4.99.  I used a very small screwdriver and rubber mallet to break off the top piece that the tissue would come up through.  I glued the bottom on to the box (it was a sliding piece) and then used the Dremel to sand the top before painting it.  I cheated on this one and used a printout of the question mark and traced over the question mark and followed the pencil impressions on the wood to paint out the question mark and shadow.

Lastly, I found an unfinished wooden star trinket box with a magnetic lid for only $2.99.  It was easy enough to paint it yellow and finish it off with the eyes.  Ty was more than tickled with it because it was a container...and it was empty.  The kid loves to fill up any empty container with whatever he might happen to find to stick in it.


The other question I've gotten is exactly how much the whole redo cost.  I figured in the shelves that we built into the closet that started this whole thing, though in my head they're separate because I had at least planned to do them at two different times.  I've rounded everything up and I think I'm probably shooting high on some of it, I'm just too lazy to dig my receipts out!

I could have done things much cheaper than I did because some of the paints & supplies weren't necessary, but I knew most of my craft paints weren't the freshest and may be too thick or dried up and I knew some of my paintbrushes were showing their age, too, so I just bought all new paints, brushes, rollers and everything. It saved me the time of mixing paints to the right color or having to thin them out.  Plus new brushes are always worth it (to me) in the effort department because you can get cleaner lines out of them.

Lowes - $117
     Wood for Shelves ($65)
     Olympic One Wall Paint ($27)
     Drop Cloth (heavy) ($15)
     New 6" mini roller ($8)
     Plastic paint container ($2)

Hobby Lobby - $4
     Paper Mache Eggs ($4)

Michael's - $32
     Craft Paint--13 bottles in 10 colors ($15)
     New Paint Brushes ($7)
     Tissue Box ($5)
     Small Paint Containers ($2)
     Star Trinket Box ($3)
Walmart - $22
    Twin size Mario Sheets ($ 22)                           

Total Amount Spent        $175

My goal budget was to keep it under $125, so once you take the shelves out of the equation we succeeded and we even saved $30 in doing the shelves ourselves, plus we got a better fit for the closet than we would have if I'd gone with the pre-fab shelves available at Walmart or Lowes.

Now, as far as the question of how much we saved in doing something like this ourselves....that I have no clue on.  I don't know how much someone would charge just to paint a room, let alone paint the Mario elements on the room, too.

Plus, whenever Ty looks at his room, he'll know that his Mama took the time to do it herself and make it (literally) a labor of love.  So I think that sentimentality far exceeds whatever we saved.

Let's just hope he doesn't outgrow it anytime soon!!

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  1. You did a great job!! I love the piranha plant!!