Photo-A-Day | Catch-up

Well....I did three days without missing one!

And I took pictures this weekend, I just never took the time to post them.

Here's Day 4, which was Somewhere I Sat.

And since it was a Saturday, I spent quite a bit of time right here. 

With my kindle.  While my child was gone to a friend's and my husband was taking a nap.  It was peaceful.

Day 5 was Logo.  And even though it's not a registered trademark, I chose my blog logo because I've been giving my blog just a little bit of love lately with tweaks and minor modifications.  (More to come, too)

Day 6 (yesterday) was Writing.  The last time I put pen to paper in any kind of a lengthy format, I was in a different place where my soul was being cleansed by a downpour of tears (brought on by Cousin Murphy and a too-close-for-comfort call on my evening drive home).  There was a lot of hurt and anger and disappointment involved that I just needed out of me.  Fortunately they served their purpose.  Unfortunately, I will not be sharing them.  Those pages are for my eyes alone. 

But during the course of the day, I do so very little writing that I could make publicly available.  I write one check a week to daycare (Sorry!  Not posting my routing and account number on the Internet!)  I write down notes of people I need to call back at work (Privacy laws say I can't post that either) my writing is like an endangered species these days.

Except for my calendar, which is peppered here and there with colorful bits of things going on or things I need to remember, such as this:

And that catches us up to today.  Day 7.  Since that one's time related, and I missed the boat this morning, it'll be posted later this evening.

Want to join in on the fun?

Here's the schedule.  (From The Idea Room)

I'll be sharing mine on Facebook, Twitter and my blog via Instagram. 

If you decide to join along, be sure to use the #photoadayaug hashtag!
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