Photo-A-Day | Glasses & Messy

I promise Im' not behind on my pictures!  I'm just behind on posting them over here! 

Yesterday's Photo-A-Day was Glasses, which was convenient because I had to put mine on in order to read the Dothraki subtitles while watching Game of Thrones.  (We finished Season One, by the way).

The problem with choosing an Instagram action on an iPhone is that you can't tell on the screen that the action makes your pores look like small craters.

The joy of growing older...

Anyway.  So today's Photo-A-Day is Messy.

And of course it would be since we spent the weekend cleaning the house!  We even deep-cleaned the bathroom which is usually the messiest room in the house thanks to the unwritten rule that once something is put on the counter of the bathroom, it has to stay there for at least three weeks before being put up in the correct place.

But for once, even the bathroom isn't messy.

So, when your house isn't messy and you need a picture of messy, where do you go?

That's right.

The attic.

Tell me yours isn't the messiest place in your house, too!!
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