First Day of School

Today's the day we've been working towards for the past few weeks.  Today's the day that parents dress up, take a picture for the scrapbook, and then drop off their kids for their first day back at school.

It wasn't in the cards for us, though.

The Boy's had tooth pain for more than a week now.  After losing a cap last week, we made an appointment with the dentist to get him checked out and see if the cap was the cause of the pain or if it was something else.  They checked him out, opted to leave the cap off because he has a new permanent tooth pushing in and he's about to lose that tooth soon.  Other than that, he looked fine, or so they thought.

Things were not fine this weekend.  This weekend he spent a significant amount of time crying and curled up in a ball in Mama's lap, which is fine and I loved it, but I'll admit it really has a sucky element to it too when there's not a thing you can do to make it better.  (We were already alternating Tylenol and ibuprofen)

Yesterday he was a bit better and was even heard laughing several times, but this morning was a game changer when he woke up looking like this.

We verified that he's not joined any middle-of-the-night fight club.  Having ruled that out, it was back to the dentist we went.

And then onto an endodontist.

And then to the pediatrician.

It all starts back on April 24th when he came home looking like this.

Apparently he 'tooted' at daycare and it was so loud and so stinky that he fell off his seat laughing so hard.

The next day we went straight to the dentist to have it fixed.

We were sent home with a new tooth and a caution that because the tooth sustained such trauma, it could be fine from here on out or it could (either now or thirty years in the future or at any point in his lifetime) start to die and it may present a problem then.

Well, that point in the future came pretty quickly.

The ruling is that we flush the infection out with an adult dosage of penicillin, give him Tylenol + codeine for pain, and in a few weeks when the swelling is gone the endodontist will go in and do a root canal.  Since the tooth is dead, he won't even have to give him a shot to do the root canal.

In the meantime, we're home.  He's had chicken noodle soup, a dose of Tylenol + codeine, and I see a nap in his future as well.

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