Getting There | 100 Happy Days

It has been way too long.  I came back here to add a badge to my blog and was greeted with the smiling faces of the Lake Hamilton kids that brightened our morning almost five months ago.

Five months.

Once upon a time I was on this blog several times a day.

Once upon a time I smiled every time I came here...just like tonight when I saw those kids faces.

Once upon a time this was my sanctuary.

Once upon a time, people used my blog and my words as a way of connecting to me and showing they cared for me.  Not ammunition for criticizing me.  Which has been the reason for my absence for far too long.

I'm doing my best to move past that.  The individuals that were using this sanctuary to hurt me four years ago have now embraced me and are learning to love all of me and not just the (limited) socially acceptable parts of me.

Slowly but surely, I'm bleeding the negativity out of my life.  Slowly but surely I'm getting there.

And when I'm fully there, I'll be back here.

Until then, here's some of the happiness I've had in the last 59 days as I've participated in the 100 Happy Days challenge.

*edit* - okay, so the widget will either let me enter my user-name or the hash-tag, not both.  So you're getting my whole Instagram instead of just the #100happydays images.  That's okay, just more to enjoy!

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