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Last night we made our annual trip to the County Fair.  We had the perfect weather for Ty to enjoy the games and rides and for Beckett to enjoy all the new sights and sounds!  His little head was turning every direction as he took it all in!

First we went to see the animals where the goats & pigs were blocked off due to showing.  So we went over to the poultry and rabbits where Beckett was amazed by the feather-covered puppy dogs and the long-eared kitties!  They certainly didn't look like anything he'd seen before!

After the animals, we headed over to grab some eats and let Ty ride the rides.  Ty enjoyed a bag of cotton candy, Daddy got some nachos, and Mama shared her funnel cake with Beckett-Boy.

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After that we were suckered into letting Ty play a game to try to win a huge Gizmo stuffed animal. Twelve dollars later he had a significantly smaller giraffe...(shown in the picture)

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Beckett was enthralled with the lights and sounds of the fair. He was constantly looking one direction and then the next and then the next and then the next.

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Finally Mama had to steal a quick picture with him.

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And then to prove we were all actually there as a family, we made Big Brother stand still long enough for a family picture.

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All in all, we had a great time. We were disappointed with some of the song selections that were being played by Moore's Greater Shows in an environment that was filled with young children. And I am that person, I did shoot them a polite message making them aware of the vocabulary words that were in the music being played.

But it was a good night with good memories and it was a blast watching both boys enjoy themselves.
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