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My town suffered a tragedy tonight.

I was at my parents house when the phone rang. Everyone was outside and I saw on the caller ID that it was my brother-in-law.

He told me that The Bakery....THE Bakery....if you know Fordyce, you know The Bakery....Klappenbach Bakery was on fire.

Here's where I, as well as any readers who know The Bakery, will pause for a moment of overwhelming emotion. There is no Fordyce without Klappenbach Bakery. It's just wrong. It's like orange grass or a green sun, it's just wrong.

But here, right here, is where I get goose bumps.

Because I just don't think Fordyce would let a Fordyce without The Bakery happen.

Quite a few members of the community went down to the bakery to spectate, to assist, to console, and to support.

The Fordyce Volunteer Fire Department was present, as well as a neighboring community's fire department, Cooterneck Volunteer Fire Department.

This is where the title comes from.

These men are amazing.


Anyone from this area knows that our volunteer firemen are EXCEPTIONAL.

[goosebumps just overran my body, seriously]

So these men are out there, sweating. While we're all worrying about a Fordyce without The Bakery, they're working their butts off to help ensure that there will be no Fordyce without The Bakery.

They're getting electricity shut off and checking neighboring offices, stores, and locations in the building. They're a pact of brothers. I didn't notice there being a separation of Fordyce Fire Department and Cooterneck Fire Department. It was just The Firemen. The Heroes. Working mostly wordlessly, but with an air about them that left a swell of awe and pride and respect in my heart.

These men are heroes.

Thankfully, no lives were in danger trapped in this burning building. There was no one hurt and no animals to rescue from the flames. But these men still went and committed and gave their all.

While I'm so sad and hurt for the Klappenbachs who are facing this heartbreak, I am so proud that I got to witness these men in action.

And on our way back to the car, we stopped and a crowd of people joined hands and formed what started out as a small circle and grew to a much larger circle of neighbors, family, and friends. After we circled around and joined hands, a local pastor prayed a prayer for the family and the business and the whole incident.

And walking away, I couldn't help but think "God, thank you for this fire. I don't yet know what You're going to accomplish for it, but I know it will be great and it will be wonderful and it will be for the best. So thank you for this fire."


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