Bad guys don't cry, only good guys.

I've been letting my little boy sleep in the bed with me for the past few weeks. He wants to, which is complete opposite from a month before when I couldn't get him to even consider taking a nap in the same room with me. But now he wants to sleep in Mama's bed with Mama.

And I'm letting him. For now, at least, if not until he decides that he's had his fill.

It's not like he's coming between me and my imaginary husband; I have no relationship that he's interfering with or interrupting, so I don't see any hurt in it. It's like we're recharging each other's batteries, actually, and that's a weird way to put it. But no matter what battles we have throughout the day (and you moms know that there are plenty to be had!) when it's time to lay down and go to sleep, he just gets all snuggly and cuddly and lovable.

And the conversations we have at bedtime are priceless.

Two nights ago we were talking about crying, for some reason. He was telling me that his PaPaw doesn't cry and that big kids don't cry. I told him that sometimes big kids do cry and he then informed me that good guys cry, but bad guys don't cry.

And something about that statement struck me deeply. Maybe he's right. Good guys are good, and good people care and trust and make themselves vulnerable. Bad guys don't. Bad guys think of themselves and not of others. They don't invest themselves in anyone or anything else.

My little boy said something so innocent and so simple in his mind, but when it hit my own, it became this complex and wonderful thing. And he doesn't know it, but he just added another requirement to the list for My Future Good Guy.

Because good guys cry.


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