Best of Times

After being away from my boy every evening since Tuesday (I was helping friends get ready for a wedding that happened on Saturday), I finally got some quality time with my boy!

We came home from church yesterday morning, had lunch, and then snuggled into Mama's bed for a much needed nap (we both played hard on Saturday). Unfortunately, we accidentally overslept and missed church, which he called me on, and then by the time I got him to agree to go to the grocery store, it was closed, to which he replied in a tone as if he were the grown-up of the house, "Okay then, that means we go ride our bicycles."

However, my bike seat was still soaked with water from all of the rain we've had over the last three weeks! So the boy went outside and dug holes in the mud and poured buckets of rainwater on my flowers, as if they needed more watering, and fussed at the birds for eating his strawberries off of his strawberry plant. (I tried to convince him that there weren't any on there for the birds to get, but he was quite insistent).

Instead of an actual meal for supper, Ty created the menu, which consisted of sunflower seeds (which I'd just taught him how to properly eat yesterday after finding him hiding while chomping the shells into little splinters), chocolate ice-cream cones, and pizza.

After that, we got out the alphabet flash cards which just made Mama's heart full and proud and happy as can be! He's doing SO well!! He doesn't yet know Q, U, V, W, X, or Z and he gets confused between M and N, but he is doing AMAZINGLY well! Oh and the first time I showed him H he told me "Ummm.....this one's hard for little kids!" Too cute!

So that's about it for our fun weekend together! On Saturday he got to hang out with his PaPaw and play in the creek and "Climb a cliff" (he climbed up and down a rock retaining wall my dad is building into the side of the creek). So he had lots of great guy adventures with the man that hung the moon for both me and Ty. I absolutely love the relationship those two share!

So I'm thinking about posting a money-minded blog sometime this week, since that's one of the trials and issues that single parents regularly face. Look for that probably mid-week.

Until then, Happy Monday!


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