Changing it Up

So I'm laying in bed last night, wide awake while Super-Ty snores.

I have to share this picture one more time.

How incredibly cute is this picture and this boy and those Super Man muscles?!

Okay, back to the story, so I'm laying in bed last night thinking about how the blog layout I had was just not me and that I wanted something different. I'm not a flowery kinda gal, and while I liked the pink and green, I wasn't big on the flowers.

Flowers always get me.

Except real flowers. Then they get me in a good way.

But flower prints on clothes or wallpapers or stuff like thanks. Now a nice brocade, I like a nice brocade. But not flowers, even though there probably isn't a whole lot of difference to some genders individuals.

So I'm laying in bed after rolling Sir Snores-A-Lot onto his side, when he groggily but sweetly told me "I love you". And after the warm fuzzies and the ooey-gooeys subside I go back to thinking about the blog.

Somewhere I saw a thinly striped background that I really liked so I pinhole that in the back of my mind, and then I think that I'll stick with the green as the color behind the actual posts. So I'm designing this in my head for an hour before I realize I'll never get to sleep until it's actually said and done.

So at midnight, I'm throwing the covers back, sneaking a quick peck of Super-Sweaty-Sleeping-Ty and I'm off to fire up Old Reliable and away we go.

Two hours later, I've got the layout up that I want in the colors I want and I'm back to sleep with only a few tweaks to work out.

So I pull it up at work this morning to show off my accomplishment and everything that was one color is now painfully neon!


Why is it that I always forget to use a web safe color?

That was easy enough, though. Even though all the .png formats of the images were on Old Reliable at home, it took about 5 minutes to recreate the images and upload them and now you (hopefully) are looking at the colors I intended them to be.

Thanks to the 4096 Color Wheel. Not sure what I did before it!

So that's done with and I have a new, more me style.

I'm going on 4 hours of sleep, but my layout is cheerful enough (and more simple) that it hasn't quite hurt me the way I thought it would.


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