Frustrations of Parenting

This is just one of those getting-it-off-my-chest blogs that you may want to skip over, but then again you might be able to relate to it, so what've you got to lose but the few minutes it takes to read it?

Besides, if nothing else, you might be able to give me some new insight on the situation.

First, let me pat myself on the back for a second. I am raising a sweet and good boy and I'm so proud of him and the person he's becoming.

But I hate that sometimes the child I'm raising gets hurt for being a good and nice person.

I hate that he's sometimes the victim of a punk child that's not being raised the same way.

Now, this isn't a regular thing as Ty spends most of his time, thankfully, in the company of good kids from our church. But there are occasions when in public that we have run-ins with kids that appear to be on the pathway to becoming a full-fledged bully.

One instance occurred last night.

I let it pass when Ty got hit in the face with a basketball, because, let's face it, most of the time when that happens, it's an accident.

However, when he comes to me telling me the same boy wrenched his arm behind his back and bent his fingers backwards? That is no accident. (The kid thought Ty was taking too long in going down the slide, but Ty was waiting on the little girl ahead of him to move off the slide before he went.)

Nor was it an accident when the kid was pushing girls or cutting in line.

I'm proud of Ty because he didn't retaliate on the kid, but at the same time, I can't help but think it would have been all too fair if that kid walked away crying for once.


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