Fun in the Sun

Just thought I'd share some sunshine and smiley faces with each of you! Friday evening Ty and I loaded up the Slip-N-Slide and took it to Nana & PaPaw's. We all ate hot dogs wrapped in bacon and smothered in grilled onions (well, my parents ate the onions, my tummy hasn't been on good enough terms with me lately for me to enjoy the onions).

After the grub came the fun times.

I'd bought Ty a bubble toy at Wal Mart. After tracking down a AA battery and a small phillips screwdriver (or "plus" screwdriver as my sister calls them), we got it up and going and the boys headed outdoors.

Ty, the bigger boy, is mine. The one in yellow is my nephew, Caden.

I love this boy!

After the bubbles came the slip-n-slide! Neither really slid, although there was quite a bit of slipping!

Ty did have a problem with his pants slipping and sliding, though. Either he's lost weight since last year or the elastic in his trunks has dry rotted after drying in the sun one-too-many times!

And whatever Ty does, his cousin Caden must do, too! So Caden yanked his swimmer down and made sure Aunt Ashley got pictures just like she did with Ty! You'll just have to take my word for that one, though, as he showed a little more skin than Ty and I'm not sure it would be wise for me to upload them to the World Wide Web!

Alright, it's bedtime in our house, Super-Ty's announced he's ready for bed!

G'night all!


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