It's Friday

So I'm having a good hair day today. Or at least I think I am. Maybe it's because I went all week without curling it, so today when I curl it, it's all full of body and awesome looking compared to the straightened flat hair I've sported all week.

Mama like.

And Ty liked, too.

I swear, my boy is the sweetest thing ever.

"Mama! Your hair looks sooooo pretty!"

"Thank you, baby!"

"You're welcome, sweetheart!"

He's gotten this thing of recycling my little pet names for him, even calling me his boy. But I'll take it, because the way he says it is just so precious.

Anyway, so it's Friday and I should be more excited and happy and all that jazz because it's the day I've waited all week for.

And now that it's here I'm questioning why I was so ready for it to get here.....not that I'm being all pessimistic or anything, I just stayed up too late last night watching my DVR of Grey's (don't get me started.....) and I'm not yet feeling super-chipper about much more than my hair and my pet-names.

I have a wedding to help with this weekend. I'm going to take pictures and look pretty and light candles and probably look around going "Wow.....there is just no dating pool around here."

Who knows.

We'll see.

But at least I'll get to look cute, right?


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