A Long Time Gone

Clearly I'm too technologically dependent if almost a full twenty-four-hour period of interrupted access can make me feel detached from my world and reality.

I got my new work computer in yesterday just before lunch so I dedicated my time to transferring all of my files and such to my external hard drive, then I prepped everyone for taking the network down (my computer acts as a pseudo-server for the office). So I took everything down and unhooked everything and started getting my new system in place and hooked up......

I gotta tell you, I think I'm having an inferiority complex with a 22" widescreen monitor on my desk. I feel tiny compared to it in all its hugeness. I didn't realize I would be getting such a large monitor.


But I got everything hooked up and after three tries in mounting our new network hardware (we were limited by CAT-5e cables that don't stretch, go figure.)

So I fired her up and realized I forgot to plug my keyboard and mouse directly into the computer (they were plugged into hubs, but the computer wouldn't recognize the hub until the drivers were installed, clearly I wasn't thinking)

I changed that up and fixed it quickly and we were off to the races from there!

And get this............

My network came up IMMEDIATELY!!

I was totally dreading this because anytime I take our network down physically, it stays down for at least a full day for a million-and-one reasons, but it came right up and was blazing fast, so I'm thrilled!

So yay! It probably seems trivial, but hopefully I'll get some uninterrupted work in now that I (hopefully) will be able to go without resetting the network every 20-30 minutes! Hurray!

Okay, that's all the news in my little world! I need to get my yard mowed tonight since the rains are returning tomorrow and I'm thinking that judging by the level of cranky in our house, Ty and I should probably try to get to bed a little earlier tonight, which will be easy now that Grey's is all reruns now.

Hope you all have a fabulous afternoon!


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