Pre-Mama Drama

Like every single mom, I wasn't always a mama. At this point, it's hard to remember my life when it centered around me and not this little person that it's currently centered on.

And looking back I see that I'm at least twice the person now that I was then because I was so selfish. I didn't realize it then, but it really always was about me.

I became a single mom in the way quite a few single moms are created.

By sheer surprise.

And a failed contraceptive.

But the day came when I peed on a stick and saw the result I was confident I would not see.

After all, this stuff happened in movies and to other people. It wouldn't happen to me.

It was totally one of those "When Pigs Fly" kind of things.

But it did happen to me and it only took a short period of time before I was okay with it. This baby defied technology and biology so it wasn't too hard to see that it was meant to be.

And 8 months universe shifted.


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