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Somehow I thought it might end up being a bad day yesterday.

When I woke up to internet issues, my first thought was "Oh this can't be'll be downhill from here."

Fortunately, the day wasn't all bad as Ty and I got to go to an awesome little boy's birthday party (pics to come either later tonight or tomorrow), we played at Nana & PaPaw's, where Ty also got to swim and have fun. And Nana cooked us a meal fit for royalty. The trajedy that occurred last night was the only other bad thing to happen on an otherwise good day.

It took, overall, 8 1/2 hours, 6 techs, and 9 Windstream reps overall to get my internet back up though.

I had one that gave up after the first step in his manual didn't work out. He seemed like he didn't want to have to deal with my problems, so he passed me off to a salesperson, who rerouted me to another tech person. This woman was sweet and literally tried everything. After reaching the end of everything she knew to do, she asked if she could get with her supervisor and see if he thought it was my computer or their modem.

I assured them that it was not my computer. I broadcast a wireless signal in my house. If it were my computer, I would still be able to connect with my Wii console as well as my iPaq . If it were my computer, I would still be able to connect with any other device because my modem and router would still be broadcasting that signal, as usual. If it were my modem or router, I wouldn't be able to connect with any of the devices. And since I had bypassed my router and plugged straight into my modem and still got nothing, it wasn't my computer or my router, and thus it wasn't, as tech support guy #4 told me, "my problem" to "deal with and fix" on my own.

Number 5 insulted me and told me I didn't know what I was doing when I followed her insructions step-by-step and the real-life steps didn't include the steps that whatever book she was referencing from was telling her to instruct me to do. So she got an attitude and treated me like I was stupid for listening to her.

Perhaps I was.

So I requested someone else.

Who tried to get me to pay for assistance.

I told him I was paying for the service, they could provide the assistance as a courtesy.

So lastly I was passed over to Christian.

I knew good things were about to happen when I got Christian on the line.


Because he let me tell him the whole thing. The problems, the methods I've tried, the things that haven't worked, as well as the belief that I didn't feel it was my computer because I didn't think that my NIC and Wireless card would both go out at the exact same time and my computer not kick up any errors or diagnostics about it.

And I knew good things were going to happen because Christian listened.

He heard my problem, he listened to my logic, and he said "You know what, I believe you're right, so we're going to try a few more things."

And within 5-10 minutes, Christian was my BFF because he got it fixed. And all he had to do was listen to me and forget the idea that I might be some stupid customer who doesn't know anything about computers. Instead he listened to me as a valuable customer who just might actually know what she's talking about.

Kudos to Christian. He was my saving grace with Windstream yesterday.


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