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Ty and I had a good, but somewhat rough Holiday weekend. He goes through spells every 3-4 months where he likes to behave like someone else's demonic offspring.

So yesterday was less than enjoyable for the fits and the melt-downs and the bossiness and the back-talking and the arguing. I was seriously on the verge of tears wondering where my child that I so enjoy went to and who was this brat telling me "Stop that and go fix me some food!" while I was getting onto him for his bratty behavior. And where on earth did he learn to speak to anyone, much less his Mama that way?!

So we didn't enjoy yesterday very much.

And I cringed upon opening my eyes this morning, wondering what kind of day today would bring.

Because today was Ty's Pre-K assessment at the schools.

Was he going to be sweet and well-behaved (well, as well behaved as an almost-four-year-old boy can be), or was he going to be the holy terror that surfaced the day before?

Was I going to be proud or humiliated?

Obviously by the title it was the former.

We went to the school and my little sweetheart held my hand while we walked in and went and sat down on the bench next to me while we waited 15 minutes for our appointment (we were early because Ty insisted he was ready to leave for school at 8:25, even though our appointment wasn't until 8:50).

Fifteen minutes is a long time in the life of an almost-four-year-old little boy. But he sat, wiggling occasionally and chattering constantly.

When his teacher came to get him for his assessment, he took her hand and walked off like a big boy, leaving Mama behind.

After he came back from his assessment, his teacher gushed and went on about how precious he is, which just filled me to the brim with pride and the other school employees filled it over with their talk of how cute he is and how well behaved he is!

So my sweet, smart, caring, and sometimes ornery boy has resurfaced, leaving behind the one that had me pulling my hair out at my wits end yesterday!

Thank goodness!

And even though I'm just not sure I'm ready to see my boy going to school, I am so thankful for the women (and men) that work at the school he'll be going to. Every single one of them greeted me warmly and with a smile. It also helps that it's a small town and that I know about 75% of the employees and know they're good, Christian people.

When we were leaving the school Ty told me that he wanted to go back to school again and see his classroom and that he wanted to go to school every day.

I'm not yet ready for that, but I'm glad to know that he thinks he is!


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