You did want pictures, right?

Because I totally have pictures for you!

Thursday's Adventures consisted of:
  • a bird flying into the side of my vehicle and leaving aviary dust (but fortunately no dent) on my driver's side front door.
  • Ty went to a birthday party at the park yesterday afternoon, only to rush off after realizing that the helicopter landed across from the hospital (a block away from our house) and he was ready to go see the helicopter and "the man that lives inside it".
  • mowing my yard for the 2nd time this week (it had grown so tall that it took 2 cuts to get it down to a decent level), and getting half of it weedeated before all my batteries ran dead.
  • Burying a dead bluebird found floating in Ty's yellow wading pool.
  • Cleaning up and filling up said yellow wading pool.
  • Snapping a gazillion pictures of The Boy in his swimsuit filling up the yellow wading pool (I think that was all the fun of it because once he got it filled up, he was pretty much done with it!)
  • Going to Nana & PaPaw's for an evening swim with family and friends.
Definitely a good day. And possibly our last sunny, rain-free day for about a week, so I'm glad we enjoyed it while we could!


Ty getting a sip of water. It's hard work filling a wading pool in the shade!

My favorite thing about this picture? The heart shape of light on his chest!!

It's here as well, too!

He had such a blast with the water!!

Ty making a "waterfall"!

This is where he called out to me, "Mama! The water's stuck in the hose!!" (I'd turned it off so it wouldn't all splash out)

Then he had to get his moment of manliness in and pretend he was mowing the yard.

Wet and dirty, or clean and dry, there's just something precious about little kid feet!!

Although I'm not a photographer (my mom and sister are both professional photographers, and while I love having good pictures of things special to me, I don't consider myself to be even a hobbyist photographer, I just like good pictures of precious memories).

Anyway, although I'm no photographer, I've been sharing with some of my friends and readers some tricks to better pictures using manual settings.

The below picture is an example.

I was taking a picture of the retaining wall my dad is building along the creek at their house (recent excessive rains have made this not only pretty but necessary). It really wasn't all that dark out when I was taking it but the sun was getting low in the sky and I was shooting into a shaded area.

Using the automatic camera setting (which popped up my flash that obviously can't carry the distance I was shooting!), this is what I got.

Putting it on Manual, raising my ISO, opening up my aperture, and slowing down my shutter speed, this is what I got.

Night and day, right? Literally! The Automatic settings made it look darker than it was, the manual settings make it look lighter than it was.

Want to know more about manual settings, comment below, if I get enough requests I'll blog on it.

But if not, just enjoy the parting shot and have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


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