You've Got to be Kidding Me

So I had to go to court today to fulfill some of my job duties. My court duties basically consist of sitting there, being cute, issuing receipts, handling the cash box and listening to sometimes ridiculously stupid stories.

After 5 years of this I'm not caught off guard nearly as easily as I once was.

However, today my jaw hit my chest and then clattered back up to my teeth again before I even knew I was reacting.

You see, this guy got a few tickets. One of them was Possession of Marijuana, which was "just in the truck". He didn't know it was there, it wasn't his, it was someone else's.

I was ready to move onto the "Same song, second verse" but the Judge let the guy's mom come up and talk with him about it as well.

Once the full events came out, the kid had been in the company of some individuals the day before who had been smoking weed (he neither smoked nor inhaled, apparently but did answer that if tested today he would not pass a drug test, to which he got kudos from the Judge for his honesty).

After his props from the judge he decided to cross the line of 'being honest' into the land of 'being too honest' and told the Judge in front of the entire court that he didn't know the weed was there and if he had known he'd "have done smoked it".

Thus the jaw-droppage.

Yes, I'm serious.

No, I'm not kidding you.


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