Distressing All Around

So my lunch hour was [sarcasm] the best lunch ever [/sarcasm].

I was okay with giving up my lunch hour to run some errands for work that I needed to run.

Honestly, that's totally normal okay.

I'm a bit disturbed by the fact that every day this week I have almost been in a collision because of someone pulling out or backing out in front of me.

I want a bumper sticker that says "Does "yield to oncoming traffic" not mean anything to you?".

But that was disturbing, not upsetting.

What upset me was that while waiting in the store with only one checker and a line from here to Timbuktu the lady in front of me proceeded to let person after person in line in front of her.

I'm fine with being polite and letting people in front of me in line. If I'm not in a hurry and they are, by all means, go ahead! BUT, if there's someone else in line behind me, especially if there are 3-4 someone's in line behind me, I don't think it's my place to let others in line in front of me because it's rude to those waiting behind me.

Maybe if I were only letting one person with 1-2 items....it'd still be kinda rude but easier to overlook. But letting THREE people with a dozen items each in front of me? While making those in line wait even longer for my thoughtlessness? That's just rude.

As if that's not irritating enough, let me go into more detail. The colored lady in front of me proceeded to let colored person after colored person in front of her. She did not acknowledge or make this offer to me or the two elderly white women that were also in line behind her. She completely ignored us (all three of which had about 6-7 items or fewer, while the other individuals had probably 10 items or more. Up to a half a cart!!)

This just went all over me!

Not only is that ignorant of others, it's wrong, it's thoughtless, and it's discrimination.

There, how do you like that card being played on you for a change, [insert name of hateful lady here]? (I do know her name, by the way, she had it scripted on the front a notebook she had her shopping list written in. I just don't think it would be tactful to post it on the internet.)

Come on, people. It's the twenty-first century! Get over yourselves and get over your race/gender/whatever issues.

That is all.


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