Learning as We Go

Ty, at a month short of being four years old, is absolutely in to learning right now.

And I'm milking it for all it's worth!

I would never have even thought that I would have a computer in my 3-year-old's room, but when my parents called me and asked me what I'd think if they got this (right) for Ty, I decided that there could be something to gain if I took my old desktop from my college days, cleaned it off, and put it in his room.

And it was a great idea! See that pencil looking thing on the right? That's just like they use in Wacom Tablets. My kid can use a wacom tablet and I can't! And I've tried before!

It's exceptional for his hand-eye coordination and it teaches him letters, numbers, colors, shapes, science, music....you name it!

I've recently installed a wireless adapter onto his computer so that we can download some more learning games to the computer and so that he can go to websites specifically for children. Of course, I've also downloaded the KidZui addon for Firefox (My browser of choice) as well so that he'll be well protected, when the day comes, from all the dangers of the Internet.

But outside of letting him use a computer well before I thought I'd ever consider it, I've of course been encouraging him with magnetic letters and numbers scattered all over my once-beautiful refrigerator.

Right now, we're working hardest on writing our ABC's. He knows the song by heart, he can count to 10 and frequently beyond. He knows all his colors. He's surprised me by pointing out octagons and shapes I didn't know he knew.

Did you know what a trapezoid is?

Yeah, I didn't either until Ty pointed something out as a trapezoid and I looked it up to check him.

Smart kid that one is!

Daycare is doing him so much good, and Pre-K will, too. But I know and understand I have a part in it, so I try to fill that role to the fullest.

So this past weekend, when I stumbled across some items in Wal Mart, I spent the money I didn't need to spend to get some items I didn't need to pass up.

The one on the left is a Pre-K book that goes over colors, letters, numbers, reading, math, shapes, and sounds (and so much more!) The pages are perforated, so I tear out a page at a time and we have "school".

The one on the right is a writing tablet of 40 pages. The top 10 pages have directional arrows that show you which way to make the pencil strokes to draw each letter. The paper is also indented with the shape of the letter, too, so that the kids can see and feel where to write. The next 10 pages just have the letter indentations, no arrows, and the last 20 sheets are just writing sheets so they can practice the letters without guides.

Lastly, I bought him this dry erase board.

It has the letters, then has the letters in dotted lines with the pencil-stroke directional arrows that are numbered so he knows which one to do first and so on. And then there's blank space beside that so that he can write the letters himself.

This tablet is both mine and his favorite. It's 3 dual-sided boards coil-bound together with letters, numbers, shapes, some simple addition, and a doodling space.

And it was only $7!! Definitely worth the price!

Other learning things Ty has are his Leapster2 and games as well as a Konami Kids playstation game. He's come a far way and I can't wait to see how much more he'll learn, yet!

I also have several sites bookmarked with lesson guides, printouts, and fun ideas to help teach kids.
Crayola Lesson Plans
Literacy for Kids
Tempe Youth Library
The Kidz Page

Other sites I've bookmarked for Ty are:
PBS Kids
Sesame Street
Disney Preschoolers

I'd love to learn more methods and new ways of teaching Ty all the things he has to learn over the years, what methods and games do you use to help teach your children fundamentals?


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