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The one thing no one warned me about when I found out I was having a boy was that he would be born with his favorite toy attached to him. And that finding it would take a matter of weeks, not years. And no one warned me that certain "Man Issues" happen to little boys, too.

Of course, finding it out on my own or being told....nothing would change the fact that it's true, it happens, and I can't do a thing to change it.

Guess where our hands are!!
Which makes it challenging to take decent naked pictures (strategically shot so as not to include certain parts of the anatomy) of two boys (my son and my nephew) playing in the wading pool earlier this week.

My son seemed to think it was quite entertaining to attempt to put one "hose" inside the garden hose while the water was running. A guy might find it amusing. A mom finds it mortifying. But no so mortifying that I couldn't snap a quick picture before telling him to stop! I wasn't quick enough, though.

This picture was taken....

about one second after this picture.....

And Ty didn't understand what I meant when I tried to console him by saying "Sweetie, just be glad he only bit your finger!"

I guess the saying is 100% true. Boys will be boys! But that doesn't make it any easier (or more comfortable) for a Mama to deal, my questions now are:
  • Do you dissuade your boy from playing with his most accessible toy?
  • If so, what method have you found to work best in keeping his hands away from himself?
Just curious. I'm new to the whole boy thing and while I don't want to make a big deal of it, you never know what behaviors now could develop into issues later.

I'd definitely love to get some input from the guys on this, too!


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