My Favorite Things

I'm pretty sure that anyone who knows me knows that I am completely and utterly smitten with my little boy. As are most parents, I would assume.

There is just so much about him that I love, adore, and enjoy.

For example, he sings almost as much as he talks (which is nonstop at this point). And I love it!

I'm a singer, through and through. Every day I wake up with a song in my head and every night I end the day the same way. Music is a monumental part of my life because I just connect with it. So I love, love, love the idea that maybe my boy will be the same way. My favorite songs to hear him sing right now are "I am a Promise" and "God is so Good". Sweeter words just can't be said in the voice of a child.

Another thing I adore about him is that he's a major snuggler. If I'm stationary for a few moments and he's not off on his own little imaginative adventure, he's tugging on me or wrapping his arms around me or crawling up into my lap to be closer to me and to snuggle me.

I also love his little imagination. He loves to get out his Black & Decker tool-set and play Doctor Ty Steven (guess who just arrived at my right arm with blankie saying "I want you", I told you he's a cuddler. So now, I switch to one-handed typing.) Anyway, he likes to play Doctor Ty Steven. Not Doctor Ty, Doctor Ty Steven (who seems to also have my arachniphobia....just a side-note from his jabbering). I guess Doctor Ty Steven sounds more professional or something.

So he goes and he gets his tools and he "operates" on my back and removes worms and bugs and seeds and spiders from my back.

Yeah, it gave me the heebie-jeebies for the first few weeks that he did this, but now I forget whatever he's extracting from my back and just enjoy the brief massage.

And one more of my favorite things before calling it a night, I love my "easy method" of getting him out of bed in the mornings.

You all have one. For some it's threatening, for some it's singing "Rise and shiney, I see your hiney, you better hide it before I bite it!" at the top of your lungs (or was it just my dad that did that?) For some who make the rest of us sickeningly jealous, you might be able to just say "Time to get up" and they're up! But for me, my easy method of getting Ty out of the bed is to go in there and in a sweet, almost whiney voice say "I want you." You have to say "want" in an extremely country accent like he does because, after all, he's his Mama's boy. So I'm really saying "I wont you". I just repeat that a few times and mix in a repetitions of "Hooolllldd me" and he instantly rolls over and opens his arms up to me and tells me "Hoooolllldddd me".

And he's up for the day and not only that, but I get snuggles.


What are a few of your favorite things about your children?

Come on, go ahead! You're a parent, so you KNOW you want to brag on your kiddos!


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