One for the Books

This week, although easy enough the first half, has turned out to be quite a trying and difficult week for me.

I enjoy my job. I enjoy working at the Sheriff's Office and the people I work with. Overall, we get along and all work well together.

The only thing I don't like about my job are days like yesterday.

And that's no one's fault, to be honest. Bad days just happen from time to time. And being in Law Enforcement, sometimes our bad days are really bad.

Of course, working in Law Enforcement, I can't give out details on an open case. But I can say that a mother lost her 19 year-old-son yesterday. We won't know exactly what caused his death until the autopsy is performed. But no matter what ended his life, it doesn't change the fact that a mother will never get to hold or kiss our hug her child again.

And that's had me torn into pieces on the inside.

I cannot imagine.

I cannot even begin to comprehend the pain she is experiencing.

And yet I got to go home and hug and hold and kiss and cherish my little boy. I got to smell his little boy smell and feel his soft, young skin and listen to the voice of a child as he sang and talked and even whined a bit.

I'm thankful that I was reminded to cherish this precious life that I have been blessed with. But I'm devastated that the reminder had to come in such a traumatic manner.

Please pray for this family and this woman. I cannot even bear to imagine how her heart is breaking.


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