A Real Man

So I'm reading this book this weekend and the main character in it is oogling this man and his body and his manly physique...comparing him to the other men in her life.

This man is tall, toned, tanned and has the body that shows he not only works with his hands, but he most-likely does a lot of lifting with his legs.

He wasn't a pretty man or a smart man or a man's man.

He was just a man.

A real man.

What men, in her opinion, should look like.

God bless her, I can't help but agree. Sure, eye candy is nice and brains are a definite plus (within moderation) and everyone loves a man that is friends with the world. But for me, I tend to always lean towards the manly men.

The cowboy type in particular.

Maybe that's because I'm native to Oklahoma, and no matter how long I've been in Arkansas.....the cowboy/farmer/country type always appeals to me.

The forearms.

The shoulders.

The V that a man's torso makes from his shoulders to his waist.

That's my kind of man.

A manly man.

But I'm just one woman with one preference.......what's yours?


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