Up, Up and Away!

Today is Father's Day.

And I get to spend the day with My Daddy, and also the closest thing my son has to a Daddy.

I'm sure people feel sorry for my boy when it comes time to make Father's Day gifts, but really they shouldn't. I had one woman cry simply because Ty said "I don't have a Daddy." Why is that sad for her? She wouldn't cry if he said "I don't have a puppy" why cry over hte other statement, when he has something just as good to get him by until he has a Daddy someday. Because he sees his PaPaw the same way I see my Daddy.

Harassed Mom had this graphic in her post today.

And it is just absolutely true!

That is how we both look at my Daddy. That Little Boy has the best father figure anyone could ask for. And I hope that he grows up to be the man that my Daddy is.

Moving out of the range of sentimentality (I've been a weepy mess this weekend, catching up on my Days of the Lives episodes I'd DVR'd from the week, I never had this problem with my tear ducts before I was a mom....)

For Father's Day, we're (my whole family) spending the day together! So my dad, mom, myself, Ty, my sister, her husband, and her son are all going to load up together and drive about an hour away to go watch Up!

Ty and I have been itching to go see it and everyone that I know that has seen it has just loved it! So yesterday when my mom asked me to find out what was playing in Monticello, I told her quickly that I knew Up was playing there, which seems to be what she had in mind, anyway.

Ty's in his room, right now, packing a backpack full of all the toys that he and his PaPaw might need to play with on the ride over to the theater!

So that is how we will spend Father's Day. With the man we both admire and look up to.

How are you celebrating this day that honors the men we love, cherish, and admire?


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