Who says bliss has to be wedded?

Holy cow, I step away from Google Reader for TWO DAYS people and I have 184 blogs posts to catch up on! Fortunately, all but like 60 of them were recipes that were easy to skim through. No real reading there. I still have 37 to go, though.

I have a few layout tweaks in mind that I might attempt this week. Nothing big, probably just resizing my sidebars and the content. I think I want something a little narrower.

On to my weekend.

Ty stayed the night with my parents Friday night. We had a birthday party to go to on Saturday (which was a blast!) so I picked him up from my parents house shortly before the party and got him dressed (he was stark naked as he'd just gotten out of the pool).

The party was kind of a Tonka Truck/Construction Theme and was adorable!

The kids all played in the sand-box, it was definitely Ty's favorite, which makes me even more excited to get his sandbox put down!!!

He also thought the safety cones were party hats!

And just a quick shot of the birthday boy hitting his pinata!

After the party, we went back to Nana & PaPaw's house for some swimming and fun in the sun in our Spiderman goggles and our (borrowed) SpiderMan floaties (I can't find any SpiderMan ones around here and he wants a pair of his own!)

Apparently the googles were a touch too tight as he walked around with indentions on his face for over an hour afterwards!! Oops! There goes my Mama-of-the-year-Award!

And finally, that evening when we got home (with no nap) I sat down to check a few messages and only a few short minutes later realized I was hearing snoring. Baby Boy had gotten his blankets and pillow and made himself a pallet in the floor and put himself to sleep!

Sunday was another adventure to be had! After a good night's sleep and church yesterday morning, we went down for a much needed nap and then we were back off to Nana & PaPaw's house.

I finished Week 4 of my Couch-to-5k jogging and called my sister to tell her to bring her son, Caden, and her nephew, Cole, over to join in the fun (Her sister-in-law had a baby earlier that day, so they were keeping Cole for the day.)

They came over and my sister and I set up the slip-n-slide and a fun sprinkler in the front yard and all three boys had a blast!

Then we moved out back where the boys had watermelon and went swimming.

My Brother-in-Law with Cole and Caden. I'm pretty sure he's got baby fever.

So, yes, we had a fantabulous weekend. And no that's not a word, but let's pretend it is!

Now it's Monday and I've been awake since 4:11 a.m. (don't ask....) and my goal is to make the work week as amazing as the weekend was!

Hope you all had wonderful weekends, too!


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