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Okay, so first of all....if you ever get the idea to weedeat and power wash on the same day for basically four hours straight...learn from me and don't do it! Cause the aftershock isn't pleasant.

My shoulders and upper arms are killing me, which was to be expected. And I suppose I can understand why my lower back is a little stiff and sore. But why do my knees, calves, and ankles feel they have reason to complain?

The only complaint I should be getting from that part of my body is bug bites (resulting in a big blister on the top of my left big toe shoes it is!) and heat stroke.

Because it felt like I had on wool socks there for a while.

That said, we can move on to the entry I'd planned to write.

I thought, originally, I'd give this whole Wordless Wednesday thing a go.

But putting me in the same sentence as the word "wordless" is just a complete oxymoron. I could never even begin to do that, because there's always a sentiment to express or a story to tell.

But I do have pictures!!

We'll start with the drive over to the Dr's office. Apparently, after four years, my son has just now noticed that I drive primarily with my knees.

We were listening to some of his kids CD's, snapping pictures of each other, and dancing to the hokey pokey when he realized there were no hands on the wheel and he told me "Mama!! Get your hands on the steering wheel! You're going to have a wreck!"

(I think one of his grandparents might have paid him to say this)

I showed him this dandy little trick I picked up while commuting 50 miles one-way to college five days a week where I can drive with my leg when I need my hands to do various other things.

Like take pictures of my boy wearing my green sunglasses.

And him crossing his legs the way I remember my PaPa always did.

And then he wanted to take a picture of me but decided maybe I should take a picture of me instead, cause he couldn't see through the viewfinder with his sunglasses on.

So we made it to the doctors and everyone went on about how big he's getting!! He's 42" tall now and finally hit the 40 lb mark. He's been sitting at 34-36 lbs since he was 18 months old.

The doctor checked his eyes and ears and all that good stuff. Ty got disconcerted for a second when the Doctor told him he needed to check his tallywhacker, but he didn't have much choice.

The second the doctor looked in Ty's mouth he commented "He snores, doesn't he."

"Like a chainsaw."

If it gets worse over the next year or so the tonsils might have to come out.

Which I've kinda had a feeling about because I had to have mine out at a young age, too.

Then came the shots. I told him the nurse was going to have to give him some medicine and it would keep him from getting sick, but that she was going to have to use a needle to give him a shot. He wasn't thrilled but he was okay with it.

He whimpered with the first one (which was in the back of the muscle in the left arm). And then he started crying after the second (in the same place) and when it came time to switch arms, he decided full on that he wasn't having it and Mama would just have to hold him down.

So I held him in my lap and hugged him and covered his eyes while she gave him his last shot.

He cried for just a minute, but the tears dried up when it came time to pick out his toys.

One for each shot.

And then he walked out the door and smacked his head on a counter and started crying again.

But just for a minute.

Until he got out to the car and pinched his finger in the door handle.

And then he cried for another minute.

So to make up for the bad few minutes he'd been having, I took him to the park.

Where we were ambushed by the sweetest kids!

David was the little boy. He looked like he was 10 and had a physical disability in his right hand and seemed to also have a slight mental disability. His sister, Peyton, looked like she was 7 or 8. Both kids were precious and sweet and had endless energy in them!

I was very disappointed that of the 5 kids and 3 adults at the park, I was the one interacting and playing with all of them. I was pushing two little toddlers on the swings while going back and forth between playing with Ty, David, and Peyton (who kept telling me and Ty we were so nice because we were playing with them). After my child called my attention elsewhere, the mother of the toddlers in the swings took her kids home instead of playing with them herself.

David and Peyton came with me and Ty to see the train that was by the park (I told them to check with their guardian. I think they're in state or foster care....) So we had an adventure on the train and took turns being the conductors.

And then when it was time to go home, I lifted them all down off the train and Ty and I were covered in hugs and thanks and were told how very nice we were.

And all I could think was that they were my blessing more than I was theirs.

We made it back to town just in time to run home, grab a few things, and head to church for night #3 of Vacation Bible School.

Just to share a few pictures with you.

This is my nephew while saying the Pledge to the American Flag on Monday.

And Ty sitting next to his little girlfriend on Monday.

And holding her hand.....

And holding her hand again last night, too.

And lastly, our little Pre-K kids dressed up as shepherds during game time.

Alright. That's all the cuteness I have for now. Work calls and I have to go run some errands.

Hope you all have a wonderful Hump Day!


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